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6 Smart Tips for Longer Rechargeable Battery Life
Rechargeable Batteries for Cameras and other Electronic Equipment I use rechargeable batteries for my digital camera, but have never thought much about the charging process … until I did some Earth Day research and found these tips on It seems there…
Smart Disposal/Recycling of Camera and Cell Phone Batteries
Recycle or Throw Away Old Camera Batteries? Have you given much thought to what environmental impact old camera batteries may have if you just throw them away? I really hadn’t until I began doing some research on Earth Day — and I…
The Importance of an Engagement Photo Session
Lifephoto offers a variety of online templates that make it easy for you to create your own engagement photo book or wedding guest book — and at a fraction of the cost you might otherwise pay. Best of all, Lifephoto gives you…
Lifephoto Introduces New Web Design, More Photo Gift Ideas
Lifephoto has totally redesigned its home pageWeb site for the convenience of its customers– and with a special introductory offer of FREE SHIPPING:
Invited to a Housewarming Party? Bring a Guest Book.
Need a Housewarming Gift? Make a Personalized Guest Registry. Make a personalized guest registry in which all the well-wishers can record their congratulations and useful advice for the new homeowners.
Fun and Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Personalized Presents to Make Dad Feel Special
With Father’s Day right around the corner now, it is time to start planning a gift that will celebrate and honor the most special man in your life. Here are some great Father’s Day gifts that are personalized, fun, practical and best of…
Online photo sharing: easier than e-mailing photos
Online photo sharing: easier than e-mailing photos
5 Ways to Use a Canvas Art Print to Add Style, Color and Life to Your Home
Are you tired of looking at that drab space of white in front on your desk every morning? Or maybe you want to brighten up your daughter’s room without busting the bank? Or do you need a unique way to display those…
20 Ways to a More Organized YOU

How will YOU be getting organized in 2012?

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