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5th Grade Rocks — Photo Book for One Terrific Teacher

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Photo Book for a teacherOne Teacher + One Class = Unforgettable 5th Grade Memory Book

The title of this photo book tells it all — 5th Grade Rocks! The kids and the teacher just “clicked” and everyone had a good time throughout the year. That’s why the class honored her with an extraordinary photo book depicting all the best of a year that flew by all too quickly. (See the Photo Sharing Preview of the whole book.)

Photos and Notes from the Students

The mom who put this book together used a wide range of photos from throughout the year:

5th Grade Rocks photo book -- class parties

  • Individual and group photos that include each student
  • Event photos — class trips, parties, dress up days, sports
  • Photos of teachers
  • A personal note written by each student expressing their feelings about the teacher and the entire year they spent in her class.
  • Photos of children with their teacher

Photo Sharing at Its Best

The hardcover photo book — complete with a photo jacket — dedication page in 5th Grade photo bookwas recently presented to the teacher by the students. She was thrilled! Not only can parents order copies for themselves (from on which the book was created), but a link to the complete book can be posted on Facebook, Twitter, other social media sites and e-mailed. So everyone can enjoy the book.

5th Grade Rocks photo book

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