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Begin (or End) a Day Planner with Any Important Date

Make it a Wedding Planner, Vacation Planner, School Year Calendar and Organizer

No need to follow the traditional calendar year when you create a personal photo day planner on Begin your year with any important date — or start it a year ahead of an important date. Wedding day planners make wonderful gifts for the bride-to-be! Fill your planner with memorable day planner by

  • Wedding Day. How cool to give your fiance, daughter or future daughter-in-law a day planner that begins on the wedding day! Or a daily planner for the wedding that begins one year before the wedding!
  • Back-to-School Planner. Begin your daily photo planner in July or August and build it around the important dates of the school year. Great gift for teachers. Handy for moms and high school or college students.
  • Valentine’s Day. How about giving your sweetheart a custom day planner that begins on Valentine’s Day — with photos of fun times together throughout!
  • Birthday. How appropriate to give someone a photo day planner that begins on the date they were born. Show them how important that day was to both of you!
  • Anniversary. Even though you’ve been married awhile, give your spouse a photo day planner of your lives together — that begins on the date your were married. How romantic!

A custom day planner is easy and quick to make on back-to-school planner and organizerAdd notes on special dates, reminders, personal messages of love. Be creative. Have fun. Photo day planners are available in two sizes with 13 to 54 images — you decide. That special person will love it! Great for Christmas gifts, too!

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    Posted September 23, 2010 12:31 am 0Likes

    This is one of the better articles I have read on Begin (or End) a Day Planner with Any Important Date « How to make simple photo gifts

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