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Make a Journal Notebook for Your Child

Encourage Kids to Write in a Journal Notebook

Kids have thoughts, ideas, dreams and wild stories in their notebook journal Encourage young children to start recording them in a  journal after they have learned to print. Here’s what one expert at the Creativity Portal thinks about children’s journaling:

Journaling: A Perfect Way to Enhance Your Child’s Literary Skills

By Day Penaflor

Call it a journal, a diary, a spy pad, a writer’s notebook, or a daybook. Whichever name you prefer, they all mean the same thing: a fun, personal, perfect way to enhance your child’s reading and writing skills. Journaling encourages children to be observers of the world, to be reflective of their experiences, and of course, to become expressive writers.

Source:  Creativity Portal

Make a Journal Notebook with Favorite Photos on the Cover

Making a personal journal for your child is incredibly easy and inexpensive. photo notebook journalUse their photo or collection of their favorite photos on the cover. Upload your photos to to create a spiral-bound photo notebook with lined pages. Your photos and text are printed in the layout/design your select on photographic/metallic cover stock.

Ideas for a Journal Notebook

  • Make several at one time — numbering them on the cover
  • Add the child’s name and a clever journal title.
  • Consider themed journals for sports, school thoughts, vacations or other topics that are important to your child. I like the example above of calling it a Spy Pad — let your child record new and interesting things he or she has discovered.
  • Set a time each day when your child will journal.
  • Entries don’t have to be long — just something that express a few thoughts of the day.
  • Suggest daily topics to a young child. Here’s an example of journal topics you might offer.

Prefer a Hardcover Personal Journal?

Lifephoto has a terrific template for making a hardcover photo journal, with or without a photo jacket. Check it out!

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  • by dimaks
    Posted March 1, 2010 11:22 pm 0Likes

    I find this cute and i might make one for my kid.. he is into drawing and sketching so i think this will be a great idea. Great blog here!

    • by tish
      Posted March 4, 2010 1:30 pm 0Likes

      Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked the idea. Lots of possibilities for this kind of photo notebook. And I’m glad you like my blog. Please consider passing along the link on your FB account.

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