Lifephoto’s Day Planner Reviewed by Mommy Blogger

Mom of Twins Makes and Reviews Lifephoto’s Day Planner

Cindy’s a very busy mom. With two sets of young twins, she’s got dozens of appointments every month — doctors, soccer, golf lessons, family activities, birthday parties, swim lessons, rummage sales, school-year events, summer outings. The list goes on and on. She felt she needed an organizer to help her keep all her commitments straight. Cindy made a day planner on — and she’s very happy with the results.

8-1/2″ x 11″ Daily Planner with 54 Photos

Lifephoto daily planner page

Cindy, her dad and her husband all take tons of family photos, so she had no problem gathering enough pictures to include.  She began her planner with the month of June — using the school year cycle helps her organize her life around the kids’ schedule.

I was able to add my own birth dates, special appointments, things I needed to remember to do.I was able to make my pictures full paged, or if I wanted portrait style, and add words, I could have it that way too. I was also able to arrange them as I wanted which was a huge bonus for me because I wanted certain pictures on certain weeks of the year.

I have to say I was extremely happy with the whole process of making this planner! I could not believe how easy it was!! Thanks for a fantastic product!!

To read Cindy’s post, visit her blog — Sanity.

By the way, check out the free offer on her blog to win a Lifephoto day planner.

Photos courtesy of Cindy’s Sanity blog.

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