Make Mom a Photo Book About Her Favorite Dog or Cat

Make a Mother’s Day Gift Mom Will Enjoy Forever

Daisy's Photo Book for Mother's Day

So she’s got a favorite pup or two.  Why not make Mom a special photo book for Mother’s Day all about her dog (or cat). She must have tons of photos she’s taken over the years. Or just snap some yourself. Here’s a sample of a pet-focused photo book that begins when Daisy was just a pup — back at the mythical Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.

Photo Book sample pages for pet photo book
Background on these pages of the pet photo book was created on Photoshop from a picture of Milkbone. I just copied/pasted the small graphic a number of times. Uploaded it to my Lifephoto folder and used 50% opacity for the faded look.

Use as many photos as you like. Maybe add a story about the dog. Wouldn’t Mom just love that! Give it a try! If Mom is a cat lover, check out my post on a cat photo book.Story photo book for Mother's Day Gift

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