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Choose Photo Paper Based on Your Preferences

Are you eco friendly? Really, really green? More traditional? Or are you out to dazzle? Lifephoto offers you great choices — traditional prints, metallic prints or eco-friendly photo prints. Here are the differences — choose based on your digital photos and your preferences: digital photo prints

1. Traditional Photo Prints used by professional studios.

Lifephoto’s full-service photo lab offers digital photo developing on top-of-the-line photographic paper. Kodak E-surface paper has a matte surface that minimizes glare. These are Lifephoto’s most popular prints. Photographic paper ensures the richest, clearest images possible in sizes up to 20 × 30″. This is the same paper used  by professional photographers.

2. Digital Picture Printing on Metallic Paper

Print your exceptional pictures on Kodak metallic paper in sizes up to 20 × 30″. Metallic paper enhances colorful or high-contrast pictures, meturning them into striking prints. Metallic images have a subtle reflective quality that defines a picture’s elements and makes them pop. Saturated colors give metallic images an almost 3-D look. Metallic paper is tear resistant.

3. Eco Friendly Printing on Recycled Paper

Minimize your environmental footprint by choosing Earthtru™ eco friendly picture printing.

Why Eco Friendly Photo Printing?

  • Portion of paper is post-consumer material.
  • Flat finish enhanced with gloss.
  • Eco friendly picture printing is chemical free.
  • Prints are recyclable.

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