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Santa Puppy Christmas Photos

Try Closeup Digital Photos of Your Puppy

If you can get your pup to stay still for more Santa Puppy personalized photo poster from lifephoto.comthan a moment, try to capture a closeup shot like this one. I used a Kodak EasyShare Z980 in Sport (or Action) mode. I moved in close to the pup’s nose with my camera in a vertical position. (Had to clean the lens a couple of times from puppy nose juice before I got the shot I wanted!)

Snap a few shots — not everyone will work out perfectly — so give yourself some choices.

I “Photoshopped” in the Santa hat — which I downloaded from Microsoft’s ClipArt site. (Had to resize it a bit to work on this photo — but wanted it to look small and goofy on the pup.

Then I uploaded my photo to and made a personalized photo poster in about 2 minutes. The poster is 12″ x 18″ and cost just $2.75.

If you’re surprising someone with a puppy for Christmas, see if you can take a few photos of it now and surprise the new puppy owner with a small poster of the Santa Puppy!

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