Spider Web Photography — Creative Photo Opps

I’ve snapped a photo or two of large spider webs in the last couple of years — it’s not easy to get a good shot. Taking the time to take a picture of a spider web appeals to a precious few who like the unique and the unusual. One of my favorite photography bloggers, Darren Rowse, just published a post on how to take a good shot of a spider web. And he’s got some terrific photo examples on the post as well. You’ll really enjoy those!

One subject that presents photographers with wonderful opportunities but also a lot of challenges is the spider’s web. There’s something about their delicate nature (while also being incredibly strong for their size), flexibility and beauty that draws me to them every time.

But how do you photograph spider’s webs? Here are 11 tips to keep in mind:

Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/how-to-photograph-a-spiders-web#ixzz0TTZDHOZV

Add Your Web Photos to a Photo Calendar

Now, after you get a few nice spider web photos, use them on some creative project. Maybe add them to the October page of a 2011 photo calendar. Consider making a personalized photo poster. Or even a clever Halloween photo card or invitation.

If you like your photos,  continue to enjoy them long after the moment!

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