Tell your family reunion story with a photo book on Facebook and Twitter

Put pics into an online photo book and post it to Facebook, Twitter, blogs

online family reunion photo book by Lifephoto

Don’t just post photos, post your family reunion story in photos. Lifephoto has an easy format that lets you upload photos, organize them and add captions.

Tell your  family reunion story online to family and friends in a photo book format — far more interesting that plain old photos — and it doesn’t have to cost you a cent! Here’s a great example of a family reunion story in photo book sharing format.

Open the link and take a look at the “turning-page” format of this online photo book. You can make it and share it on Facebook, Twitter, blogs or Web sites. Order a copy for yourself or let your family and friends order their own from the link you send them. So easy. So inexpensive.  So much fun.

Photo Books are an Inexpensive But Long-lasting Way to Save the Memories

Lifephoto offers a number of photo book options and prices, starting at $6.95 — easy on the budget. Photo books make it so much easier to view your memories — no need to shuffle through old packs of developed pictures. No need to paste pics into a scrapbook or photo album. Photo books store easily, too, unlike bulky photo albums. Take a look at the Lifephoto options and start uploading the photos you want to save and share.

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