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Uploading Tips for Great Quality Photos on

Check out Lifephoto’s FAQs to ensure photo quality

Personally, I never read instructions. I simply jump in and start “doing.” Sometimes I need to go back and find out if I’m doing it correctly. That’s why I recommend you review the FAQs on the Lifephoto site before you upload your photos. Only takes a minute, but will help you get better quality photo reproduction for your photo gifts. You’ll find the FAQs and other good information about Lifephoto by clicking “ABOUT” at the bottom of any FAQs on photo uploading

.JPG and DPI Matter

  • Be sure your photos are saved in the .jpg format before uploading.
  • Use 300 DPI for images smaller than 12″x12″.
  • 150 DPI for images larger than 12 × 12″ with an sRGB color profile.
  • Try to upload your photos in the order in which you think you will use them– if including them in a photo book, journal, calendar or day planner. You can always rearrange them later, but it’s faster if they are already in the order you’d like.
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